Getting a Maine Commercial Trailer Registration Completely Online

Well, let’s face it, the internet is here to stay. There is no getting around it or avoiding it. For those of you that still prefer the old fashioned way of life with paper and pencil and signatures handwritten—like in the good old days when life was simpler—the internet can be intimidating or annoying at times.

With that being said, how are you going to be brought out of “the dark ages” and “into the light” as they say concerning this annoying, sometimes hard to understand, time sucker we call the internet? I mean, what good is it? Sometimes, it is more bother than it is worth trying to learn the latest social media platform. Well, although the internet can be bothersome and annoying, and even privacy invading it seems at times, there are lots of things that you can do on the internet that can save you time and money. This leads to more productive time management for your life or business, and more profits in your pocket that you would otherwise be wasting by traveling to the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state—not to mention the time you would waste sitting in a crowded room with a bunch of strangers—just to process your commercial registration papers for your rig or fleets for your business.

While there are a few things you can do now online that you never used to be able to do a few years ago, like shop, date, watch movies, earn a degree, etc.; there is one thing that you may not know you can do completely and safely online. That is, register your fleet of commercial trailers! Nationwide! Wow what a concept! No more long lines, files of paperwork and time consuming applications and signatures! As easy as a few clicks of the mouse—any time day or night—you can be well on your way to getting All, or as many commercial trailers as you want to registered In Maine. “How?” you ask. By going to a website called: today. If you do at least 80% of interstate commerce with your commercial trailers you can register them in Maine for as little as $20 a year. National Trailer Registration is an online company that has highly qualified customer service agents –called Authorized Statutory Agents—that can answer any questions you may have about commercial trailer registrations in Maine.

So don’t wait! Email an agent today at: [email protected] to see how the internet can become your friend instead of the big bad monster that you may think it has been for you in the past. You will love its convenience and time saving qualities—at least when it comes to registering your commercial trailers in Maine. Try it today, your wallet and your days schedule will thank you! The people at National Trailer Registration are in the business to make life simple and do all we can do to keep YOU moving! This is what we do!—so you can get on with what you do—and that’s DRIVE!

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Get your Commercial Trailer Registered IN MAINE

How Does Commercial Trailer Registrations & Veterans Day Connect?

Today is Veterans Day. So what does that mean? And why do we celebrate it? Well, For any history buffs out there, Veterans Day started by commemorating “the end of WWI,-- known at the time as “The Great War”. It ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919. However, fighting ceased seven months earlier when a temporary cessation of hostilities, between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. For that reason, November 11, 1918, is generally regarded as the end of “the war to end all wars.” Veterans Day continues to be observed on November 11, regardless of what day of the week on which it falls. The restoration of the observance of Veterans Day to November 11 not only preserves the historical significance of the date, but helps focus attention on the important purpose of Veterans Day: A celebration to honor America's veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. (

So, after the history lesson, what does this have to do with getting a Commercial Trailer Registered in Maine? You ask. Well, there is a company based in Maine that specializes in getting Maine commercial trailer registrations for people in the trucking industry from all over the nation. If your main business is to do at least 80% of your hauling between states, then National Trailer Registration can help you pay as little as 20 a year to register your commercial trailers in Maine.—(with some restrictions). This is due to the favorable commercial registration laws that Maine has—and the knowledgeable and friendly Authorized Statutory Agents that are willing to help you register as many trailers as you wish. Go to today, and start saving TIME AND MONEY by doing all your commercial trailer registrations ONLINE. Or, you can email a registration specialist today at: [email protected] and get started. Call toll free 1-877-886-4414

Although WWI is far past in our history, NTR still feels the obligation to show patriotism and gratitude to our current military veterans today for their sacrifice and service to keep us free. We do that by donating a portion of every dollar received from all commercial trailers registered in Maine to, an organization called Wounded Warrior Project. This is an organization that goes hand in hand with the spirit and reason for Veterans Day as we know it. They help and honor wounded military heroes returning from war. “Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) began when several veterans and friends, moved by stories of the first wounded service members returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq, took action to help others in need. What started as a program to provide comfort items to wounded service members has grown into a complete rehabilitative effort to assist warriors as they transition back to civilian life.” (;( Keep your patriotism for this great Nation of America shining; while you get your commercial trailer(s) registered in Maine today After all, this is our job. ”We keep “everybodymoving—including our veterans on this Veterans Day!

Terri Thompson


Get Maine Commercial Trailers Registrations Online

“Stop Wasting Your Precious Time”

Daylight Saving Time, where did it come from and why did it start? According to (copyright Time and Date AS 1995-2013.); the idea of taking advantage of the sun or natural daylight started by Benjamin Franklin hundreds of years ago—though there is some controversy by others who actually was credited with suggesting the idea. Some say George Vernon Hudson did it in 1895, and yet others suggest that William Willet was the one who actually came up with the idea of moving the time clocks ahead in the summer and backwards in the fall to take advantage of the natural sun and be able to produce more in the fields or save energy in the cold. DST was later implemented in The United States by President Franklin D. Roosevelt from Feb. 9, 1942 to Sept. 30, 1945 during WWII year-round to help in the battle. It was then called “Eastern War time”, “Central War Time”, and “Pacific War Time”—until after Japan’s surrender—then it was referred to as “Peace Time”.

Daylight Savings time is now used in over 70 countries around the world and the times periods vary depending on where you are. But, for most of us in the U. S., the times used now –implemented by President Bush in 2007—follows the Energy Policy Act of 2005—which starts Daylight Savings Time on the second Sunday of March when our clocks are set one hour ahead, and ends on the 1st Sunday in November when we set our clocks back one hour. Now that you’ve gotten a brief history of why and where DST came from, what are you going to do with all that “extra time” on your hands you’ve gained this past weekend by setting your clocks back?

Well, we all know that time is a precious commodity for all of us—but especially for the trucking industry and its tight schedules for deliveries and pickups—that help keep all of America moving on smoothly and seamlessly day after day. So, who wants to spend their new found extra hour sitting in the Department of Motor Vehicles office waiting for your number to be called just to get a simple registration for your commercial trailers? I mean, with all the technology we have today, isn’t there a better way to do this for the busy truck driver to make the most of their time?

YES THERE IS! Go to on the web today, and you can register as many commercial trailers in Maine you want to completely and conveniently online (no matter what state you’re based out of) with the help of knowledgeable and friendly Authorized Statutory Agents. As long as you do 80% or more of interstate commerce with your commercial trailers, they are able to give you a Maine commercial trailer registration for as little as $20 a year per trailer—with some restrictions. Contact a customer service representative today by email at: [email protected] and don’t “waste” anymore time; start redeeming your new found time in your day. Register your commercial trailers in Maine online with NTR and keep on truckin’. You can also reach us by phone toll free at: 1-877-866-4414. After all, “we keep you moving.”

Terri Thompson


Maine Commercial Trailer Registrations

“Trick or Treat?”

Now that the end of October is here; the leaves are falling from the trees everywhere you look. There is one more thing that is in the air all around—that is Halloween. At this time of year people are getting geared up for costume parties and finally when October 31st arrives, all kids everywhere get excited to dress up in their favorite costume and go around their neighborhood after dark on a mission to see how many “treats” they can get in there sacks or baskets. When you were younger you might have heard, “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!” all around town— you might have even said it yourself once or twice before.

Have you ever found yourself being “tricked” into going to get something special from the store that you were convinced was a good deal by an ad that you saw or heard about?  When you get to the “bargain barn” across town and look in the sale area of the store; you get excited about all the “good deals” that you find—like a one size fits all piece of clothing you’ve searched for endlessly, or a buy one get one free item you just have to have. What a deal (so you think) until you get it home, try it on and realize that it doesn’t fit or doesn’t work. You start thinking, “What a scam!” I’ve been tricked!” you may find yourself very disappointed in the end.

Well, when it comes to getting your commercial trailer registrations, it can feel very much the same. You can be left feeling very “tricked” into believing that it is a difficult process that takes a lot of time and energy that you can’t afford to waste— because your time is valuable for you and your business. You have better things to do—like deliveries, and making your schedule’s deadlines so you can get paid. That is the name of the trucking game, after all. So, who has time to “waste” getting their commercial trailer registrations using the old fashioned method of chasing down piles of paperwork? But, what are you going to do differently? You have to get your commercial trailers registered for your business every year right? So, you don’t have a choice.

If you believe that, I’m sorry to say that you have been “tricked” again! There is a way that you can get your commercial trailers registered—without even leaving the comfort of your home; COMPLETELY and SAFELY ONLINE. National Trailer Registration is a Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicle Statutory Agent. That means that they are authorized to be able to acquire Maine commercial trailer registrations for the trucking industry from all around the nation. They are even able to give Maine commercial trailer registrations to truckers for up to 12 years if you wish. What a treat! It is totally up to you how many trailers you register. As an added bonus, NTR offers an exclusive online trailer registration maintenance system that helps notify you when your commercial trailer registrations are due. Don’t be “tricked” any longer. Go to and start enjoying the “treat” of the season instead. Contact one of the friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents today— toll free: 877-886-4414 or by email at: [email protected]. See how it feels to finally be “treated and not “tricked” for a change. In addition, don’t forget to ask how you can help us spread the “treats” around to our wounded Veterans through the Wounded Warrior Project as you get your commercial trailers registered today. This is our business. “We keep you moving!”

Terri Thompson


Get Your Maine Trailer Registrations Online

“Stop That Ping Pong Ball Feeling”

Can anyone relate when you have to go many different places to get the groceries you need for you weekly grocery list to be complete—not to mention the money you spend on gas? For example, you might go to the butcher shop for all your meats, then drive all the way across town to get the sale on bread or vegetables, and even go to the local farm stand or dairy to get milk, butter, eggs and cheese. Then, you go to a clothing store to catch a sale, and continue on to a shoe store to buy those special occasion shoes or steel toed boots for work. By the end of your “shopping spree” you are so exhausted from all the back and forth on the roads and crowds you’ve been fighting to reach the deals you want to try to stretch a buck; you just want to go home and collapse on the couch and take a nap—because you feel like you fought a war.

Sometimes getting your commercial trailer registrations for your fleets in your business the “old fashioned way” can give you that same “rat race” exhausted feeling. Before you’re done, you may even feel like a human “Ping Pong ball.” That is because you’re hunting down paper work for the Department of Motor Vehicles, or tearing your office apart trying to find what is needed to get those trailers’ registrations renewed because you can’t remember where you put them last year. After all, you’ve had other things to worry about—like run your business. Who has time to keep track of paperwork that you only need once a year, right? What would you think, if I told you there is something that you can do that can save you from getting slowed down and held back in your busy life of deliveries and deadline schedules (and in the process save you money for your business as well?) You can get your commercial trailer registrations done completely online for as little as $20 a year IN MAINE—no matter what state you reside in. Because of Maine’s favorable registration laws, and if your business is done at least 80% of the time between states—you can get your commercial trailers registered using Maine plates with the help of the specialists from National Trailer Registration.

Go to: today. Call 1-877-866-4414 or email one of the friendly Authorized Statutory Agents at: [email protected] and see how fast and easy you can start benefitting from “online shopping” when it comes to getting your commercial trailers registered in Maine. In addition, you could kill two birds with one stone so to speak—without running ragged around town to find the deal. It is right at your fingertips. You can even sign up for a reminder when your registrations become due if you wish. You can decide how many trailers to register as well (all in one place online.) This could be considered your “one stop shop” for your commercial trailer registrations; stopping the back and forth feeling of a ping pong ball every time you have to register your commercial trailers. This is what we do, “we keep you moving.” While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask one of our agents how you can help our wounded military heroes and thank them for their service through The Wounded Warrior Project.

Terri Thompson

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