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“Give a gift to yourself”

With all the things that go along with the Holidays this time of year—like Christmas parties, Christmas cooking, Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating and traveling—don’t you just wish life was just a little simpler sometimes? Does the stress of the season get to you by the time the Christmas celebration is finally here?

Even as truck drivers and business owners, there are a few stresses around the holidays for you too. For example, you have to make sure all “Santa’s” gifts are delivered, rain or shine, snow or sleet, etc.; or some young person will be forever disappointed not getting that sought after special gift for Christmas. You have to make sure your rig is maintained impeccably so that there is no delay in delivering food to the homeless shelters, or the “wreathes across America” to remember our fallen heroes that made it possible to even celebrate Christmas freely or not.

So, With all this going on in a trucker’s life around this time of year and all the deadlines to meet, don’t you wish there was “a gift” you could give yourself for once that would make your life a little less stressful? Look no further! Did you know that you could save yourself a lot of time and energy by registering your commercial trailers online with National Trailer Registration, based in Bangor, Maine?

In the process, you can pay as little as $20 dollars a year* per commercial trailer. And you can even choose how many trailers you register—plus for how long they are registered for.

No matter where your base of operations is in the U.S., National Trailer Registration can get you a Maine Commercial Trailer Registration. Because they are Authorized Statutory Agents, and because of Maine’s easy registration laws, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by getting your commercial trailers registered in Maine. What a gift to yourself! Start saving money now. Go to today, and start the Maine commercial trailer registration process online. Or get the help of one of their customer service specialists by email at: [email protected] –or by phone at: 1-877-886-4414. Save yourself some stress and money that you could use for other things that could make your holidays extra special this year. Oh, by the way, while you’re “giving this gift to yourself”,—registering your commercial trailers in Maine—don’t forget to ask how you can help us help make one of our wounded warriors lives a little bit better through the wounded warrior project during this season of giving. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? This is our business; “we keep you moving!”

*(some restrictions apply)

Terri Thompson


Making sure your Commercial Trailers are registered in Maine

“Doing a pre-trip Check”

I know as a trucker, doing a pre-trip check on your rig is second nature to you—especially in the winter months with unpredictable weather and climate. You go through a sort of “ritual” that is probably second nature to you every time you head out on an over the road delivery across the country.

I mean, you probably, automatically check the oil and change it, check tire pressure, check gas tank level, etc.; and then you have to make sure you pack your bunk with survival equipment and food for weeks at a time sometimes. There is so much to think about.

Well, even after all the safety checks and preparations before a scheduled delivery over the road, you can find yourself involved in some unexpected situations after leaving home, where you would need to pull out your trailer registration for a law enforcement officer to see for whatever reason—whether it be an accident, or truck inspection station, etc. It is at that moment you look at the trailer registration and you realize that in all the business of preparing for the trip, you have forgotten to get your commercial trailer registered at all; or maybe lost track of the re registration date. Now, you find yourself in a pickle with no current commercial registration so you deliveries are going to be delayed.

How would you like to be able to guard against this scenario for your business? There is a way to take that pressure off and make sure you are never caught unregistered again. National Trailer Registration, in Bangor, Maine is an online Commercial Trailer Registration that offers many things that can help the harried trucker, be less stressed in their business.

First of all, they can save you big bucks registering your commercial trailers in Maine—Sometimes as little as $20 a year (with some restrictions.) No matter what state you are in, National Trailer Registration can get you a Maine Commercial Trailer registration, if you do at least 80% interstate travel with your commercial trailers. That is because NTR is an Authorized Statutory Agent that can work with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to give Maine commercial trailer registrations to truckers all over the nation.

An added bonus is that National Trailer Registration has an exclusive online trailer Registration management system. This means that you can sign up with them to help keep track of when your commercial trailer registrations expire so you never will be caught off guard or unprepared with the authorities again. They even offer multi-year Maine registration plans as well, which is much cheaper for you too.

So, go to: now and get started saving money, while you remove some pre-trip stress at the same time. You can also email our knowledgeable and friendly customer service department at: [email protected] or talk to them on the phone if you prefer at: 1-886-877-4414. Don’t wait. This is what we do. “We keep you moving!”

Terri Thompson


Get Your Maine Trailer Registrations Checked off Your To-Do List

“Making a List and Checking it Twice”

Well, as the winter months move along, we might find ourselves engulfed with Holiday party schedules, Christmas programs to attend, special dinners to prepare, etc. So, you probably find yourself living by a schedule book, even a to do list by the hour, just to survive this stressful time of year, making sure you are able to at least keep your head above water— with all the things you need to do with family, (not to mention any gift shopping you still might have to do before Christmas.)

In between all the activity and stress, you still have to run your trucking business—and that in itself creates its own type of list to make and “check twice” in order to make sure your tractors and trailers are maintained and ready for the unpredictable weather that these winter months may bring. For Example, you have to make sure you have all the vehicle fluids adjusted for winter temperatures, make sure you have your tire chains, snow shovel, Ice scraper, deicer, and the list goes on.

Well, in all the hub bub of checking things off your list to give yourself a sense of accomplishment during this stressful time; don’t forget to check those commercial trailer registrations—updating them if necessary. That alone can be overwhelming.

Did you know there is a way that you can keep track of all your commercial trailer registrations completely and conveniently ONLINE?

Go to on the web today, and you can start the process of tracking when your commercial registrations come due; and not have to worry about a lapse in coverage because of an exclusive Renewal Maintenance System that only National Trailer Registration offers Nationwide. When you get Maine commercial trailer registrations for your trailers or fleets and fill out the required forms online, you will then be sent an email reminder when you need to register again. No more “making that list and checking it twice— at least for registrations. As an added bonus you can pay as little as $20* a year to register your trailers, because of the favorable laws in Maine. So don’t put it off any longer. Check commercial trailer registrations off the list. Contact the customer service Department, NOW, toll Free at 1-877-886-4414 and they will assist you with any questions you may have. It can be like getting a gift from Santa—not to mention all the money you could save. This is what we do, “We keep YOU moving!”

Terri Thompson


Getting Your Commercial Trailers Registered Online

“The Best Bargain Around”

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, the hunt for the best deals around for Christmas gifts is on.

You look on line, in the shops, in the weekend newspaper for ways to get the most for your money and make someone special in your life happy for the holidays. Well, what would you say if I told you there is a way to save yourself some big bucks so that you have more money to invest in those things that are most important to you this holiday season—your family and friends?

Did you know that Maine has some of the most relaxed laws concerning registering your commercial trailers around the nation? While some states require you to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars just to keep your trailers registered every year, Maine is not like that. You can pay as little as $20 a year to register your commercial trailers in Maine. It doesn’t matter what state you reside in, if you do at least 80% interstate commerce with your commercial trailers, Maine law allows you to get a commercial registration for your trailer(s) from the state of Maine. What a savings that would add up to be for you to be able to invest more of your hard earned money into Christmas shopping or whatever else you would like to do to make the Holiday a little brighter for someone in your life!

As an added benefit to registering your fleets in Maine, there is a way to do it completely online as well. National Trailer Registration is an online company that specializes in registering commercial trailers online—and saving you time and money in the process. Go to today and start saving for your holiday shopping today. Or you can contact an Authorized Statutory Agent by email at: [email protected] and they will gladly answer any questions you may have and help you get started saving money for better things. You can also call toll free at: 877-866-4414. Don’t wait! Make your life less hectic this time of year. Don’t get stuck in the stress of the crowds, and get into the holiday spirit with the help of National Trailer Registration. This is what we do, “we keep you moving!”

Terri Thompson


Getting Commercial Trailer Registrations Fast and Easy

“Being Thankful for the Little Things”

November is the one month of the year that “thankfulness” is a common theme from beginning to end. From being thankful for our Veteran military men and the sacrifices they made for our freedom, to Thanksgiving every 3rd Thursday of the month since the days of the mayflower and pilgrims and Indians on Plymouth rock so many years ago—showing thankfulness for the provisions of food provided to them after a long voyage. And last but not least, some take advantage of a tradition called “Black Friday—the time right after Thanksgiving where the Christmas shopping season kicks into high gear. People camp overnight in the parking lot, or stand in line for hours at a retail store just to be there during certain times of day to get a great deal on the latest popular gift or newest gadget their loved ones desire most this holiday.

Well, what does that have to do with registering your commercial trailers? In case you didn’t know, there is a way to get all your commercial trailers registered quickly and easily for as little as $20* a year! Due to the convenience of the internet, the favorable laws in Maine,  and a company called National Trailer Registration, there is a “Black Friday” type of deal for you—without the stress and hassle of the crowds. If you go online to, you can find the details and register your fleet with a few clicks and be done. Or, you can email an Authorized Statutory Agent at: [email protected]; they will be glad to help you. You can even call them at: 1-877-866-4414 if you prefer.

So, During this season of thankfulness, Don’t forget to show your appreciation for all those that have helped you along the way. Include your new friends at National Trailer Registration on that list because without them, You would have never found the best deal on the web to register your commercial fleets, or the most convenient way to get the registrations done in your busy life. After all, that is what NTR is all about—“we keep you moving!”

*(some Restrictions Apply)

Terri Thompson

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