How to transfer my California trailer registration to a Maine registration

If you want to register your trailers in Maine from a California registration all you need is a copy of your title, signed limited Power of Attorney, and a statement of how the trailer is used (Interstate commerce or in your state only). Then log into National Trailer Registration and upload the documents and let us know how many years you would like to register your trailer for.

We are a Statutory Agent for the State of Maine, allowing us to process and issue State of Maine registrations online, regardless of where your base of operations is located and regardless if you have previously registered you trailer in another state.

Because I have been registering trailers for National Trailer Registration for several months, I am always surprised to hear from customers just how much money and time we are saving them. I'm proud to work for National Trailer Registration.

Bradley C


Maine Commercial Trailer Registrations Made Easy

“Something Steady During Winds of Change”

The month of March arrives bringing lots of challenges. With its “winds of change” comes unpredictable change of all sorts—like changes in seasons, weather, and sometimes even in life. I’m sure you know that with all this change coming at once, it can seem a little overwhelming at times. But, with the world wind of life happening around us, if we keep ourselves open and aware; it can sometimes lead us to better things that we never knew existed.

In the trucking industry it is no different. At certain times of the year, I am sure there are a lot of changes in the business that catch you unaware which makes life a little stressful and unpredictable for you—like March’s “winds of change”. One of those times is when spring finally hits and business picks up unexpectedly. you need to make sure your commercial trailers are all maintained, registered, and road ready to keep up with the new demand the season may bring on you. This can be a time consuming task and stressful time of year trying to find all the paperwork to get those commercial registrations you need at the DMV. This is eating up possible delivery time that you may have gained at the start of this season of change.

I would like to tell you about a way that you can save a bunch of money and lots of time and stress when it comes to getting and keeping your commercial trailer fleets registered. specializes in acquiring Maine commercial trailer registrations for those in the trucking industry that transport commercial trailers across state lines at least 80% of the time. As an added bonus, you can register all your commercial trailers in Maine completely and conveniently online; and sign into our “Commercial Registration Maintenance System as well—making life a little more predictable. During these times of uncertainties and constant change, with the help of an Authorized Statutory Agent at: [email protected], you can gain a little control and peace of mind back. Start enjoying more truck driving today—instead of worrying so much about paper pushing. Just knowing that registering your commercial trailers in Maine— online—is one thing that can remain steady during the seasons in life that can be full of many “winds of change” and uncertainties.

Terri Thompson.


Maine Commercial Trailer Registrations

“Get More Green”

What do you think about the color green? How many different phrases that people use today have the word green in them? For instance, He is “green with envy”, “he is “on the green”—when referring to golf, etc. But one of the most popular ways you may hear people talking about the color green, is when they are talking about trying to “save the earth” by going “green.” This means trying to be more conscientious about the cleaning products we buy., making sure they are more environmentally friendly. Therefore, become a more healthy society in the long run.

Well, as we wait to see more green start to sprout up around us after this long winter, and try to contribute to making our environment more healthy by becoming more “green” in our purchases, Let me clue you in to a process that can help your trucking company get more green of its own and make the task of registering your commercial trailers more efficient and painless. National Trailer Registration has an exclusive online system that can save you time and money to register your commercial trailers in Maine. Did you know—Due to the laws in Maine—if  you transport your commercial trailers at least 80% of the time between states, you can get them Maine commercial trailer registrations—no matter what state you live in?— saving you big dollars in the process. You can pay *as little as $20 a year per registration (with some restrictions.) This will help your trucking company “get more green” out of their budget and keep it running in the black.

So, weather you are a fan of “going green” today, or if you even like the color green at all, you can still benefit from going to or contact an Authorized Statutory Agent by email at: [email protected]. Who knows, you might just like the amount of green you will see for your company with your Maine commercial trailer registrations. Who knows, maybe green will become your new favorite color. Check us out and find out!

Terri Thompson


Register Commercial Trailers in Maine

“Don’t Get Caught Unprepared”

How many of you are tired of the snow and ice that we were graced with this long hard winter? Are you ready for spring and green grass? Are you tired of snow showing up overnight unexpectedly and having to fight through ice and snow drifts just to function? If you are ready for life to get a little easier for you this spring—at least for your trucking business; I have the answer that will help you be able to run your company more smoothly—keeping track of your commercial trailer registrations more efficiently. Therefore, it will be less likely you would be caught unprepared for any official that might stop you on the road to check your registrations. The commercial trailer registrations will be all up to date –with Maine commercial trailer registrations—making things less stressful for you.

National Trailer Registration has a service that can help you save money and keep track of when your commercial trailer registrations are due to be renewed. Or, if you purchase any new commercial trailers to add to your fleet before the registrations expire, we can help you make the  transfer of plates, fast and easy, ONLINE!

Go to today, and stay prepared for any “storm” that might creep up on you unexpectedly (when it refers to your commercial trailer registrations). Even though you may not be able to control the weather and when the next bunch of snow will arrive, you can have peace of mind when it comes to keeping your commercial fleets road ready and registered in Maine, with the help the specialists at National Trailer Registration. Contact them today at: [email protected] to get started saving time and money, and keep on trucking!

Terri Thompson


Maine Trailer Registrations Are Everywhere you Look, Why?

There are a few things that always happen as spring arrives after a long, cold winter. The temperatures outside start to climb, the snow and ice begin to disappear, little blades of grass start to peek out from under the frozen blanket it has been covered with for so long, and new life and movement begins to be spotted all over the place as we look around us. It is no different in the life of the trucker.

As spring arrives, the trucking industry gets a fresh motivation—with the clear open roads— and energized to deliver more goods, always looking for better ways to keep on trucking and  keep America rolling. As you’re driving all over the nation every day of the week, do you ever wonder why you are seeing more and more Maine license plates on the backs of commercial trailers? What is going on? Why do so many commercial trailers from all over America have a Maine Registration?

As spring represents new beginnings and fresh starts for a lot of people; you may wake up one day and realize that you may be missing something out on something that could help your business save lots of money that some of your fellow truckers have already discovered for themselves. Stop wondering, join the many trucking companies that have already made the choice to make their commercial registration process more cost efficient and convenient—completely online—giving them more drive time and increasing their profits, by going to Register your trailer or fleet completely online today and you too will be another one that will be glad you joined the ranks of all those truckers you’ve spotted on the road that have found a better and more effective way to keep their fleets registered, and drive down America’s highways and byways with them— proudly hauling your commercial trailers tagged with Maine license plates. If you prefer, contact an Authorized Statutory Agent today at [email protected] to get started. Find out how your Maine registrations are helping to bring a new beginning this spring to our returning military heroes; as we say, “Thank you!” supporting them through the Wounded Warrior Project.

Terri Thompson

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