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Getting a Maine Commercial Trailer Registration

“The Best Bargain Around”

I know we all like a good bargain—especially when economic times prove to be challenging. We all like to stretch our hard earned dollars to make it go just a little further to get by. We all shop at the clearance section of the store once in while (the big box store clubs for bulk food, the close out sales, and even the bargain bins at the nearest family dollar store too). Well, I don’t think truckers are any different. In fact, I believe sometimes that YOU might be some of the biggest bargain hunters out there, because of the way you have to pay for so many things out on the road (such as gas, maintenance of your rig, food, and sometimes lodging), just to stay within a budget.

So, now that I’ve established that we all like a bargain; I would like to share one with all you Owner Operators or Trucking companies out there. Do you own a truck or two; or even a fleet of trucks that you can’t seem to keep track of the registrations for? Or, do you just lose track of time because of your busy schedule and wish there was a fast, and more convenient way to keep your commercial trailer registrations up to date—while saving you money in the process—so you can stay focused on the more important things? Have you searched and searched for an easier way?

GOOD NEWS! You can finally stop your search. I can tell you where to go for the help you’ve been looking for—plus, it’s a good bargain too! Go to: www.NationalTrailerRegistration.com on the web now and you can pay as little as $20 dollars a year to register your commercial trailers in Maine. This is because of Maine’s favorable registration laws. We have friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents that can help find the best bargain for YOU; and show you how you can register ALL of your Commercial trailers EXCLUSIVELY ONLINE! In addition, you can call one our specialists today toll free at: 877-886-4414 or even email them at: [email protected]; and they can help you get into our online system that can keep track of when your commercial trailer registrations are due so there is less worry about paperwork and more focus on your job—making deliveries on time. As an added bonus, ask how you can help a wounded warrior. Show your appreciation and patriotism as you register your commercial trailers in Maine, TODAY! We are here to help. This is what we do, “we keep YOU moving!”

Terri Thompson