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“Get More Green”

What do you think about the color green? How many different phrases that people use today have the word green in them? For instance, He is “green with envy”, “he is “on the green”—when referring to golf, etc. But one of the most popular ways you may hear people talking about the color green, is when they are talking about trying to “save the earth” by going “green.” This means trying to be more conscientious about the cleaning products we buy., making sure they are more environmentally friendly. Therefore, become a more healthy society in the long run.

Well, as we wait to see more green start to sprout up around us after this long winter, and try to contribute to making our environment more healthy by becoming more “green” in our purchases, Let me clue you in to a process that can help your trucking company get more green of its own and make the task of registering your commercial trailers more efficient and painless. National Trailer Registration has an exclusive online system that can save you time and money to register your commercial trailers in Maine. Did you know—Due to the laws in Maine—if  you transport your commercial trailers at least 80% of the time between states, you can get them Maine commercial trailer registrations—no matter what state you live in?— saving you big dollars in the process. You can pay *as little as $20 a year per registration (with some restrictions.) This will help your trucking company “get more green” out of their budget and keep it running in the black.

So, weather you are a fan of “going green” today, or if you even like the color green at all, you can still benefit from going to www.NationalTrailerregistration.com or contact an Authorized Statutory Agent by email at: [email protected]. Who knows, you might just like the amount of green you will see for your company with your Maine commercial trailer registrations. Who knows, maybe green will become your new favorite color. Check us out and find out!

Terri Thompson