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Get a Commercial Trailer Registration in Maine

“What can $20 get today?”

Do you remember when your money went further? For example, just a few years ago, a twenty dollar bill seemed to buy a lot more; like, more gas, more food, fun activities like movies to rent or games to play. It seems those days are long gone. Your money does not seem to buy as much today.

 There is still something that the trucker can benefit from for as little as $20.* All around the country, the trucking industry can be charged hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to register their commercial trailers for the road. But, if you go to: www.NationalTrailerRegistration.com you will find a company that can help you get your commercial trailer registrations in Maine for as little as $20 a year—for any trucker that transports a trailer between states at least 80 % of the time. This is due to Maine’s lenient registration laws. If you need to stretch a dollar a little further, contact an Authorized Statutory Agent today at: [email protected]. They can help you get your Maine commercial trailer registrations fast and easy online. Your $20 bill can still buy you a lot—even in this tough economy. This is what we do, “we keep you moving”, so you can keep doing  what you’re meant to do, and keep on trucking.

Terri Thompson