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Making sure your Commercial Trailers are registered in Maine

“Doing a pre-trip Check”

I know as a trucker, doing a pre-trip check on your rig is second nature to you—especially in the winter months with unpredictable weather and climate. You go through a sort of “ritual” that is probably second nature to you every time you head out on an over the road delivery across the country.

I mean, you probably, automatically check the oil and change it, check tire pressure, check gas tank level, etc.; and then you have to make sure you pack your bunk with survival equipment and food for weeks at a time sometimes. There is so much to think about.

Well, even after all the safety checks and preparations before a scheduled delivery over the road, you can find yourself involved in some unexpected situations after leaving home, where you would need to pull out your trailer registration for a law enforcement officer to see for whatever reason—whether it be an accident, or truck inspection station, etc. It is at that moment you look at the trailer registration and you realize that in all the business of preparing for the trip, you have forgotten to get your commercial trailer registered at all; or maybe lost track of the re registration date. Now, you find yourself in a pickle with no current commercial registration so you deliveries are going to be delayed.

How would you like to be able to guard against this scenario for your business? There is a way to take that pressure off and make sure you are never caught unregistered again. National Trailer Registration, in Bangor, Maine is an online Commercial Trailer Registration that offers many things that can help the harried trucker, be less stressed in their business.

First of all, they can save you big bucks registering your commercial trailers in Maine—Sometimes as little as $20 a year (with some restrictions.) No matter what state you are in, National Trailer Registration can get you a Maine Commercial Trailer registration, if you do at least 80% interstate travel with your commercial trailers. That is because NTR is an Authorized Statutory Agent that can work with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to give Maine commercial trailer registrations to truckers all over the nation.

An added bonus is that National Trailer Registration has an exclusive online trailer Registration management system. This means that you can sign up with them to help keep track of when your commercial trailer registrations expire so you never will be caught off guard or unprepared with the authorities again. They even offer multi-year Maine registration plans as well, which is much cheaper for you too.

So, go to: www.NationalTrailerRegistration.com now and get started saving money, while you remove some pre-trip stress at the same time. You can also email our knowledgeable and friendly customer service department at: [email protected] or talk to them on the phone if you prefer at: 1-886-877-4414. Don’t wait. This is what we do. “We keep you moving!”

Terri Thompson