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Getting Commercial Trailer Registrations Fast and Easy

“Being Thankful for the Little Things”

November is the one month of the year that “thankfulness” is a common theme from beginning to end. From being thankful for our Veteran military men and the sacrifices they made for our freedom, to Thanksgiving every 3rd Thursday of the month since the days of the mayflower and pilgrims and Indians on Plymouth rock so many years ago—showing thankfulness for the provisions of food provided to them after a long voyage. And last but not least, some take advantage of a tradition called “Black Friday—the time right after Thanksgiving where the Christmas shopping season kicks into high gear. People camp overnight in the parking lot, or stand in line for hours at a retail store just to be there during certain times of day to get a great deal on the latest popular gift or newest gadget their loved ones desire most this holiday.

Well, what does that have to do with registering your commercial trailers? In case you didn’t know, there is a way to get all your commercial trailers registered quickly and easily for as little as $20* a year! Due to the convenience of the internet, the favorable laws in Maine,  and a company called National Trailer Registration, there is a “Black Friday” type of deal for you—without the stress and hassle of the crowds. If you go online to www.NationalTrailerRegistration.com, you can find the details and register your fleet with a few clicks and be done. Or, you can email an Authorized Statutory Agent at: [email protected]; they will be glad to help you. You can even call them at: 1-877-866-4414 if you prefer.

So, During this season of thankfulness, Don’t forget to show your appreciation for all those that have helped you along the way. Include your new friends at National Trailer Registration on that list because without them, You would have never found the best deal on the web to register your commercial fleets, or the most convenient way to get the registrations done in your busy life. After all, that is what NTR is all about—“we keep you moving!”

*(some Restrictions Apply)

Terri Thompson