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Get Your Maine Trailer Registrations Online

“Stop That Ping Pong Ball Feeling”

Can anyone relate when you have to go many different places to get the groceries you need for you weekly grocery list to be complete—not to mention the money you spend on gas? For example, you might go to the butcher shop for all your meats, then drive all the way across town to get the sale on bread or vegetables, and even go to the local farm stand or dairy to get milk, butter, eggs and cheese. Then, you go to a clothing store to catch a sale, and continue on to a shoe store to buy those special occasion shoes or steel toed boots for work. By the end of your “shopping spree” you are so exhausted from all the back and forth on the roads and crowds you’ve been fighting to reach the deals you want to try to stretch a buck; you just want to go home and collapse on the couch and take a nap—because you feel like you fought a war.

Sometimes getting your commercial trailer registrations for your fleets in your business the “old fashioned way” can give you that same “rat race” exhausted feeling. Before you’re done, you may even feel like a human “Ping Pong ball.” That is because you’re hunting down paper work for the Department of Motor Vehicles, or tearing your office apart trying to find what is needed to get those trailers’ registrations renewed because you can’t remember where you put them last year. After all, you’ve had other things to worry about—like run your business. Who has time to keep track of paperwork that you only need once a year, right? What would you think, if I told you there is something that you can do that can save you from getting slowed down and held back in your busy life of deliveries and deadline schedules (and in the process save you money for your business as well?) You can get your commercial trailer registrations done completely online for as little as $20 a year IN MAINE—no matter what state you reside in. Because of Maine’s favorable registration laws, and if your business is done at least 80% of the time between states—you can get your commercial trailers registered using Maine plates with the help of the specialists from National Trailer Registration.

Go to: www.NationalTrailerRegistration.com today. Call 1-877-866-4414 or email one of the friendly Authorized Statutory Agents at: [email protected] and see how fast and easy you can start benefitting from “online shopping” when it comes to getting your commercial trailers registered in Maine. In addition, you could kill two birds with one stone so to speak—without running ragged around town to find the deal. It is right at your fingertips. You can even sign up for a reminder when your registrations become due if you wish. You can decide how many trailers to register as well (all in one place online.) This could be considered your “one stop shop” for your commercial trailer registrations; stopping the back and forth feeling of a ping pong ball every time you have to register your commercial trailers. This is what we do, “we keep you moving.” While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask one of our agents how you can help our wounded military heroes and thank them for their service through The Wounded Warrior Project.

Terri Thompson