National Trailer Registration


(Secrets to saving you money and making your dollar stretch a little further)

Do you ever wonder how you are going to keep rolling on with your trucking company with all the challenges that face us today—especially for the small business owners of our nation? Do you ever wonder how you can compete in the industry or even keep your head above water with all that is required of you just to stay on the road? Well, there is help out there for you! National Trailer Registration specializes in finding ways to save you money getting your Maine trailer registrations (as many as you have, or want to), and helping to keep your business trucking on.

If you are the owner of a semi- trailer (1 or 1000, van, flat, reefer, dump, low bed, tanker, etc.) we can save you money. First, for the trailers you now own, we can legally register them for as low as $20 per year, or $100 for a five (5) year license plate (some restrictions apply) and there are NO additional fees or taxes. If you are going to buy a new or used trailer(s), we can show you how to legally buy it without paying any sales tax. That can amount to thousands of dollars savings and in addition you will only have to pay as little as $20 per year to register the trailer in Maine. It costs you nothing to find out these secrets that will save you thousands of dollars. Just go to www.NationalTrailerRegistration.com or call toll free 1-877-886-4414 and talk to one of our friendly Authorized Statutory Agents in our customer service department now and start making that hard earned dollar “drive” further for you today! National Trailer Registration can help you stay on the road for “the long haul”— with Maine trailer registrations on your trailers. After all, that is our specialty. “We keep YOU moving!”

Terri Thompson