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(What do they have in common?)

In case anyone out there does not know about what is known as “March Madness” in college basketball this time of year, here is a little history for you. March Madness has been connected with basketball since 1939. What you might not know is that it was originally used to describe the Illinois State High School tournament, NOT the NCAA basketball tournament. However, over the years, this has changed so that now most people associate it with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Today, March Madness has truly swept the nation, with many people becoming very excited when this month rolls around. This is the time when all the college basketball teams fight for a position to battle it out and see who emerges as the best college basketball team of the year. It is very exciting to watch them work toward the Final Four. However, it all comes down to that last basketball game and the final buzzer, of the March Madness NCAA Championship basketball tournament—and who will finally be crowned the winner! (www.marchmadness.com)

That being said, I want to share something with all you owner/operators of big rigs out there today that are fighting to be recognized and competitive among those “big dog” trucking companies on the road and even to become known as the best in the trucking industry. National Trailer Registration is here for you! We want to be an important “player” on your team. We are an E-commerce, web-based company in Maine, that specializes in helping truckers all over the nation to obtain the commercial trailer registrations you need to operate your business more efficiently. Any trucker from any state can get your commercial trailer registrations here with us. Our customer service people are friendly and knowledgeable experts (Authorized Statutory Agents) that are registered with the Maine state Motor Vehicle Department. They are always ready to answer all of your questions—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what state you call from, National Trailer Registration is able to get your trailer—or fleet of trailers commercial trailer registrations—quicker and easier FROM MAINE than in any other state nationwide—plus, at the cheapest price available online. It can be as low as $20 sometimes, with some restrictions. This is because of the favorable laws that we have. If you are looking to obtain one or many commercial trailer registrations—it does not matter. NTR wants to be voted the “most valuable player” on your trucking transportation team today. Visit us at: www.NationalTrailerRegistration.com and see how we can help you finally gain the recognition you desire; even possibly being crowned one of the top transport companies in the industry—one of “The Final Four.”

When it comes to basketball, there is nothing quite like the March Madness Basketball championship that takes place once every year at the end of the season. NTR can be your ticket to commercial trailer registrations. You could be just one mouse click away from being driven to the top—and being crowned “Champion of the trucking industry.” Getting commercial trailer registrations is our specialty so YOU can transport yours. “We keep you moving!”

Terri Thompson