Does anybody remember back to a time in your childhood when you played “car games” or “travel games” to keep yourselves entertained during those long road trips to vacation spots or to relatives’ family reunions? I remember playing games on the road like: “I Spy”, “The Alphabet Game”, “Punch Buggy” just to name a few—although there is one more game to mention that was a popular past time while traveling in the car called “The License Plate Game”. This is a game that involved keeping track of how many different state license plates you could spot along your travels, and see who could come up with the most plates from different states at the end and be crowned the winner by the time your destination was reached. Have any of you truckers out there noticed that more and more tractor trailers around the nation have Maine License Plates—even in states other than Maine? This makes the License Plate Game almost impossible, or even obsolete to play today using tractor trailers.

Do you ever wonder why a lot of trailers and fleets on the road around America all have Maine license plates on them and not plates from their own state? Well, you have finally found the answer to that puzzling question about Maine license plates. National Trailer Registration is the answer. We are an E-commerce, web-based company in Maine, that specializes in procuring Maine license plates for truckers all over the United States. Our customer service people are friendly and knowledgeable Authorized Statutory Agents—registered with the Maine Motor Vehicle Department. We are always ready to help you—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what state you reside in; National Trailer Registration is able to get your trailer—o r fleet of trailers the Maine license plates  you need—at the lowest possible price online (as low as $20 with some restrictions). This is due to the favorable laws that Maine offers. So wait no longer. Update the rules of the game and start counting how many Maine license plates you can add to the game around the nation. If you are looking to obtain one or many Maine license plates for your trucking company; Contact us today at: for details and see what we can do for you.  Counting Maine license plates is our business—it’s not a game for us.  At National Trailer Registration, “We keep YOU moving!”

Terri Thompson